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Jeans without poison? Yeah, that's what we're talking about! We were on an exciting mission with ARMEDANGELS around the new #DetoxDenim collection.

Short Story

In the fast fashion industry, the use of genetic engineering, chemicals and heavy metals is often commonplace. This has an impact on the environment and the body. The fashion label ARMEDANGELS from Cologne is changing that and is completely doing without harmful chemicals in jeans production – but not without style.

Our task was to help steer the content of this campaign, to give it the appropriate online look and the media reach on Facebook. The produced spots show the shocking facts and models proudly wearing the Detox Denim collection of ARMEDANGELS to bare skin.


  • – Digitale Marketing Strategy
  • – Social Advertising
  • – Landing Pages Design
  • – Creatives & Ideations
  • – Scripting


  • 4weeks

    after launch completely sold out
  • 9.77%

  • 4.5ROAS

    over the entire campaign duration
  • 200k



Detox Learnings

  1. 01. A statement must sometimes be shocking
  2. 02. Product Ads work perfectly following Brand Awareness
  3. 03. Single Channel is never the right way

A statement must sometimes be shocking

Include shocker

Dying bees & half-naked bodies? We all know the smooth ads on social media. No one dares to do anything, everyone wants to be conformed and sweet. But ARMEDANGELS has a mission. ARMEDANGELS is a brand that has to put its finger in the wound. So for them, there was no alternative to stand out with their new collection and the message it contained. The campaign was characterized by “noise” while you usually only hear upbeat tempo “we all love each other” music. And visually we also stood out. To the limits of what is allowed on Meta. More about that later.

Product Ads work perfectly following Brand Awareness.

Product Ads

Of course, we have tested a lot ourselves and have been convinced that you can sell almost anything to a cold audience, if you can test good offers and co. and the unit economics fit. But in the case of ARMEDANGELS we felt the power of storytelling with matching products. We can say: It works, on scale!

Meta is extremely sensitive.

Meta Angst

A huge pain that we really underestimated were the strict guidelines of Meta regarding the playout of the Detox Denim campaign. Especially if you create a campaign with more than 10k production budget, you should communicate directly with the colleagues at Meta beforehand whether you get your campaign approved. In any case, we had a lot of stress and had to call the creatives 100 times to defuse the campaign. That almost endangered the deadline and the launch date.

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