Beyer & Söhne
case study

Beyer & Söhne

How we grew 500% with Beyer & Söhne.

Short story

Beyer & Söhne are two congenial brothers who decided to continue their father’s work. As a skincare brand that has been around for over 10 years, they have already achieved some success through SEO and brand building.


  • – Digitale Marketing Strategy
  • – Social Advertising
  • – Google Ads
  • – EMail Marketing
  • – Landing Pages Design
  • – Instant Experiences
  • – Creative & Art Direction
  • – Creative Creation


  • 3.6Millionen

    Euro more revenue
  • 14AVG

    Creatives per Month
  • 3.8ROAS

    over 1 year straight
  • 5000%

    Sales increase via social media


The 3 most important learnings

  1. 01. Aesthetics count for social ads, too
  2. 02. Positioning is important
  3. 03. Multiple touch points make a difference

Aesthetics & Belonging
applied to ads.

New ways

Beyer & Söhne products are special. But it is difficult to express this digitally. The typical packshot ads with 20% discount won’t work. When we started together, pretty much every skincare brand was running ads like that on social media. We took a completely different approach after that. Elegant ads that focus on the person and the “feeling”. The product as the result of high quality and elegance.

Stringent look

If we were already in contact with potential buyers, we naturally also had product-oriented ads. But these also had to be of high quality and consistent with the creatives from prospecting.

The results were extremely convincing with a high ROAS but also high click through rates.

Positioning is important

1000 Skincare Brands

There are so many skincare brands. The market is almost infinitely large and you have to create or find your own UBT (unique buying tribe). We have strategically considered to focus on one of the founders of Beyer & Söhne here.

Unique Selling Tribe

Robby & Nico had been doing Facebook Live shows before when no one else in the industry was doing it. Breathing new life into this strength of theirs and letting Robby be more present on Instagram has made a huge difference. Not only that, but Robby and Nico often still answer messages themselves in Customer Support to be close to their customers.

Multiple touch points make a big difference

Omni Channel

At Beyer & Soehne, we realized for the first time through actual numbers what a big difference it makes when you spread your budget & resources across many marketing channels. Of course, social was the most important growth channel. But Google, email and brand positioning and influencers were just as important for a field hockey stick.

Character in communication

Every touch point with Beyer & Söhne is personal. This also means that their email content is not marketing blah blah but was used to educate about the products, the topic of main care in general and was only used as a supplement for up- and crosselling.

Matching brand ambassadors

We deliberately did not use the word “influencer” in this case. The strategy for Beyer & Söhne was never to work with influencers on a scaled basis. But of course there is one or the other who can represent the brand perfectly. So – you know Amira Pocher, right?

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