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Like a hysterically laughing Spaniard who sold tons of fitness meals.

Short Summary

Let me tell you about Fittaste – the startup that soared to success on “Die Höhle der Löwen” (German version of Shark Tank), only to come crashing down and filing for bankruptcy. But fear not, because we swooped in to cushion the landing, turn things around, and rise from the ashes like a… Phoenix on a bench press. Our awareness campaign poked fun at common fitness stereotypes and invited people to share and spread the laughter. Because we all have that one friend, you know the one, and the internet loves him. El Risitas, a beloved internet phenomenon with a contagious laugh that’s been paired with all sorts of subtitles and interpretations. And we paired him with anecdotes from the fitness universe tailored to over 20 different target groups. From disco pumpers with questionable doping habits to vegan powerlifters, hip beach bodies, and young-at-heart over-50s. Thousands of comments, thousands of new customers. First, they laughed, then they bought.

What we did

  • – Social Advertising
  • – Landing Pages Design
  • – Ideation & Creatives
  • – Scripting


  • 60%

    View Rate of the Ad
  • 1Cent

    per Video View
  • 12

  • 3.1ROAS

    for new customers

Feedback from the client.


“Orcus was the first agency to truly understand our product and found a way to reach new customers through social advertising. With Orcus, we achieved a return on ad spend that we had never seen before.”

Konstantin Ladwein, Founder & CEO at Fittaste

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