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La Table

Food from the glass now finally in Michelin star quality.


The founder of La Table, Ben Hiller had called our CEO Christian at the beginning of the year and told about his new project La Table Manufaktur. Through his experience as production manager of HelloFresh in New York, he founded his own production & Food StartUp in Baden-Baden. High-quality gourmet cuisine in a jar and up to 12 months shelf life. Through our many years of food experience, it was of course clear that we start together.


  • – Social Advertising
  • – Idea generation and Creative Creation
  • – Strategic consulting
  • – E-Mail-Marketing
  • – Product photography
  • – User Interface & User Experience Design

What did the client say?


We have been working with the boys since the beginning of last year to launch a completely new product and brand. From the beginning, the partnership has been very professional, and the open discussions/brainstorming sessions very fruitful and creative. The team supports us every day with a lot of motivation and ambition for our product. We have just entrusted them with our second brand. So if you are looking for some kind of CMO as a service, call the boys.

Ben Hiller | Gründer & CEO


  • 72%

    more sales in the first month of cooperation
  • 2.8ROAS

    for new customers with high AOV
  • 70

    Average Order Value for new customers
  • 40

    CAC over the entire account



  1. 01. Bring back memories of “the old days”
  2. 02. Convenience & time is still crucial
  3. 03. Individuality in product selection was decisive

Bring back memories of "the old days".

“Mum cooked”
Your grandma already knew it: Traditionally prepared broths from bones and fresh vegetables are the basis of a good sauce – also with us!
We use the full natural flavor of the ingredients and can therefore do without flavor enhancers. Your varied delicatessen menu in a jar just the way you like it – perfect for your pantry.

02. Quality & time saver: an unbeatable combo.

Over the past few years, we have learned that a product that saves your customers time in the long term can work extremely well. If the brand can also offer high-quality products, our job becomes easier.

Individuality was the key.

Be yourself

La Table’s biggest competitor has the following dishes to choose from: Chili Vegano, Chickpea Curry, Chipotle Chili, Mountain Lentil Stew, Lentils Again, and a Bean Stew.

La Table, by comparison, has Beef Goulash, Königsberger Klopse, Veal Sausage, Beef Roulade, Meatballs, Balkan Juice Goulash, Curry Sausage (!), Badischer Sauerbraten of Beef (!!!), and many more! We’ll give you one more: venison ragout in mulled wine jus. Need we say more?

And although all these dishes sound super tasty, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. ?

Boxes and bundles have a high Average Order Value and are of course fun because of the returns but with some products, it might not make so much sense. In the case of La Table, we had a super high AOV of up to 90€ with new customers for boxes but is factually hard to scale.

When analyzing buyer behavior, we then noticed that many of the customers get to the site via your box, but end up putting together their own box. The whole thing is problematic in that we create relatively high friction if we let users click too much before they can select their products.

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