Laux Deli
case study

Laux Deli

When fine cuisine meets fine agency, there's only one thing to do: grow!


When it comes to gourmet food, Laux is the real deal – a true flagship! But they’ve been mainly focused on B2B, which means you can find Laux and their brands in places like KaDeWe, but online it’s been a bit of a different story, especially when it comes to DTC. Laux needed an agency that could help them make moves in the DTC space and there was only one name for the job: Orcus! We helped Laux reach more end consumers and grow their business in ways they never thought possible. Let’s just say, when gourmet food meets a top-tier agency, the sky’s the limit!


  • – Rebranding
  • – Website Design
  • – Digitale Marketing Strategy
  • – Budget & Media planning
  • – Product Photos
  • – Social Advertising
  • – Google Ads
  • – E-Mail Marketing
  • – Landing Pages Design


  • 80%

    more Revenue after 1 year
  • 21%

    higher Conversion Rate


Laux mich mal!

  1. 01. Involve the client early in the game, folks.
  2. 02. Branding is both everything and nothing at the same time.
  3. 03. Let me tell you, Feinkost ads ain’t a walk in the park.

Involve the client early in the game

We’ve been called out in the past for showing “unfinished” work and it seems like every other agency out there polishes their shit to a high shine. But that’s just not our jam. We’d rather get the client involved in our thought process from the get-go to avoid unnecessary feedback loops. With Laux, for example, our first pitch was a complete disaster and a huge disappointment. It didn’t feel great at first, but it gave us a much better understanding of what the client was looking for. Feedbacking is always easier than briefing and executing a vision. We can’t read minds, so rapid feedback is more important to us than dragging things out just to play it safe.

Branding is both everything and nothing at the same time


Okay, so the original plan was to relaunch the brand under the name ‘The Deli Garage’. Cool name, but after some strategy sessions, we all agreed it needed a tweak. And voilà! We ended up with ‘Laux Deli’. Of course, coming up with a new name is just the start. We also had to create a logo, product images, and make sure everything fits the new website look. No biggie.

Feinkost Ads ain't a walk in the park

mhhh Challenges!

Relaunching a new brand, especially in the higher-end market, is no easy feat. But that didn’t stop us from trying. We used our Creative Testing process to test a variety of offers and visuals to make an impact on sales. However, we quickly realized that an omnichannel approach was necessary for a brand like Laux Deli, as we needed multiple touchpoints across different platforms to truly measure the impact.

Let's talk business!

Sei kein Lauch. Sei Laux!