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In the beauty world, it can be a bit overwhelming, right? So many products, confusing names, and packaging that don't offer any guidance. It's like, how are we supposed to make a decision in these already complex times? That's where Muti comes in, and we were there to help them out.

Quick Summary

Oh, it’s time for another tale, folks. So Muti, this beauty brand, got a taste of the REAL power of e-commerce through a referral from “xskincare” on Instagram. And you know what? They wanted MORE. Now, we’ve already crushed it with Beyer & Söhne and Nø Cosmetics, so teaming up with Muti was a no-brainer. We were blown away by their packaging and visuals, and it was up to us to create a killer ad strategy and campaign.

What we did

  • – Social Advertising (Facebook, Instagram)
  • – Instant Experience
  • – Creative Direction
  • – Production
  • – Landing Pages Design
  • – Email Marketing


  • 22%

    more YoY Revenue
  • 250%

    Retention Growth

The Idea

It's right - but where's the magic?

See, a lot of people have “right” ideas, but at Orcus, we always ask, “it’s right – but where’s the magic?” We need to stand out, we need to catch the eye, or be so minimalist that we make a statement in the loud beauty world. And that’s exactly what we did for Muti. Our mood and storyboards were so stripped down to the essentials, you’d think we were at a Greta Thunberg rally. Muti’s claim is “True beauty. Made simple” – and we made sure to bring that to life.

No makeup artists on set, no post-production tricks on the models – we kept it real but with a high-end look. Check it out, the results speak for themselves not only in the ads but also in the Shopify backend.

The final campaign

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