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Healthy breakfast in 60 seconds? Sold out completely within 2 months!

Short story

Prepare a delicious and healthy breakfast in 60 seconds! Not possible? Fuck ya’l! Thought the guys and gals at Oatsome. And we had to think, “How can we explain this to people on Facebook and Instagram?”

What we did

  • – Social Advertising (Facebook, Instagram)
  • – Landing Page Creation
  • – Creative & Ideation
  • – Influencer Marketing

What did the client say?


“The collaboration works super well! The quick accessibility paired with the great know-how in the area of social ads & conversion optimization has once again lifted our marketing campaigns to the next level.”

Philipp Reif | Founder & CEO


  • 5000

  • 3000

    New customers
  • 5.3ROAS

    over the entire account
  • 9



glernt isch glernt

  1. 01. TIME was the Selling Factor
  2. 02. Influencers have an effect on social ads
  3. 03. Average Order Value for positive ROAS

Time was the selling factor.

Time is money

Influencers have an effect on Social Ads.

Influencer Effekt

Oatsome made a huge leap with us when we split the media spend and invested 50% in influencers. Generating multiple touchpoints in the target group via influencers proved to be a brilliant move at the time. The ROAS doubled as a result.

Average Order Value für positiven ROAS.

Another important point for Oatsome was the bundles we created. Instead of selling individual bowls, we promoted trial packs that had a higher AOV in the end and thus showed once again how important it is to test different offers.

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