case study


"Since we've been working with Orcus, my warehouse team has been complaining that they can't keep up with the orders!" - Reiner Hauf, CEO of Sanadog


Revenue increase in the first 3 months
New customers
4.51% (+ 67%)
Conversion rate


Sanadog – a dog food start-up with a message: dogs, just like humans, need a varied and balanced diet to stay healthy. Sanadog offers home-cooked foods that are made from high-quality, natural ingredients and are free of additives and flavor enhancers.


The primary challenge was to convince potential customers who barfed their dogs that the fresh dog meals were a better and healthier alternative.

The secondary and bigger challenge was to convince customers to buy Sanadog products who have not previously considered fresh dog menus and instead feed canned or dry food. The market is much larger, of course, but also more difficult to capture.

The Approach

We focused on two different Awareness Stages in the Ad Creatives.

The first awareness stage we focused on is the “Product Aware” stage, where customers already know their problem as well as products that solve their problem: Here we specifically showed customers the benefits over barfing in the Creatives.

The second awareness stage we focused on is the “Problem Aware” stage. Customers know they have a problem, but don’t yet know the solution. We focused on three different target groups through insights from customer feedback using Pain-Point Testing in the Creatives.


We also took care of the organic TikTok account. For this we made content and also uploaded our ads, which more often get over 10k+ views and could already generate 1.4k followers. Both contribute to the brand awareness of Sanadog.